HP [1PV87A] LaserJet Enterprise M507 M507dn Desktop Laser Printer - Monochrome

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Key Features:

  • Monochrome Laser Printing: The HP M507dn is designed for monochrome printing, making it ideal for high-volume text and document printing tasks.
  • High Printing Speed: This printer offers rapid printing speeds, allowing for efficient document production in a fast-paced office environment.
  • Duplex Printing: It supports automatic duplex (double-sided) printing, reducing paper costs and environmental impact.
  • Network Connectivity: The printer is equipped with network connectivity options, enabling easy sharing and management in an office network.
  • Large Paper Capacity: It comes with a generous paper input capacity, reducing the need for frequent paper refills during large print jobs.
  • Security Features: The printer may include security features to help protect sensitive documents and data within your office environment.


  • Efficient Monochrome Printing: The monochrome laser printing capability is ideal for producing high-quality text and documents, which is often required in business settings.
  • Productivity: The high printing speed and large paper capacity contribute to enhanced productivity, reducing waiting times and interruptions.
  • Economical Printing: Duplex printing helps save on paper costs and reduce environmental impact, making it a cost-effective choice.
  • Network Integration: With network connectivity, the printer can be easily shared and managed across multiple users and devices in an office network.
  • Document Security: The inclusion of security features helps safeguard sensitive data, ensuring that confidential documents remain protected.

The HP 1PV87A LaserJet Enterprise M507dn Desktop Laser Printer is a reliable monochrome laser printer for business and office use. Its combination of fast printing speeds, network connectivity, and security features makes it a valuable asset in a busy office environment, enhancing productivity and document security.

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