Product Conditions

At CTS POINT, INC (, we prioritize providing clear and accurate information regarding the condition of our computer parts and products.

Our Product Conditions Are Categorized As Follows:

New (New) Definition: Items labeled as “new” are entirely brand-new and have never been used. Condition Description: These products are in pristine, untouched condition and remain sealed in their original packaging, having never been opened, assembled, or utilized in any way. Assurance: CTS POINT, INC guarantees the impeccable, unused condition of all “new” products, which also include a manufacturer’s warranty.

Refurbished (Refurbished) Definition: “Refurbished” products have undergone professional restoration. Condition Description: Although not brand-new, these items have undergone thorough restoration by experts to ensure they function perfectly. The product may or may not be in its original packaging. CTS POINT, INC provides a 30-day warranty with all refurbished products. Additional Information: “Refurbished” products may display minor signs of handling or cosmetic imperfections resulting from the refurbishment process.

Used (Used) Definition: “Used” products are second-hand items that have had previous owners or usage. Condition Description: These items show visible signs of prior use, handling, or wear and may lack the original packaging or some accessories.

Title Guidelines:

  1. New Products: Titles for new items must effectively communicate the product’s flawless, unopened condition.
  2. Refurbished Products: Titles for refurbished items should emphasize their Refurbished status while ensuring clarity for customers.
  3. Used Products: Titles for used items must explicitly state the item’s pre-owned status, maintaining transparency for potential buyers.

For any inquiries or assistance, please feel free to contact our dedicated Customer Support Team at or call us at +1 (209) 288 0443. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we aim to provide you with reliable, accurate information to make informed purchasing decisions.