Terms and Conditions


  1. The listed price for each product or component represents the base cost of the product without any additional charges.
  2. The displayed price for each product should accurately reflect the product’s cost, excluding shipping costs or Sales Tax.
  3. Any variations in pricing based on conditions such as auction pricing, membership fees, contract pricing, or payment schemes must be explicitly indicated alongside the base price.
  4. The total price for each purchase will consist of the base product price, shipping fees, and applicable sales tax.

Shipping Fees:

  1. Shipping charges are not included in the listed price and will be added during the checkout process.
  2. Shipping costs may vary based on location, chosen shipping method, and the weight/size of the product.
  3. Clear information regarding shipping fees, available methods, and estimated delivery times should be provided.
  4. Any limitations or restrictions concerning shipping to specific areas will be explicitly stated.
  5. Free Shipping handling time is 1 to 2 business days, and the delivery time frame is 3 to 5 business days.

Sales Tax:

  1. Sales tax or value-added tax (VAT) charges are not included in the listed price.
  2. The applicable sales tax or VAT will be calculated and added to the total cost during checkout based on the customer’s location and relevant tax laws.

Transparency And Disclosure, Accuracy And Timeliness:

  1. We are committed to providing clear information regarding additional charges before the finalization of any purchase.
  2. Shipping fees and sales tax will be detailed separately during the checkout process for full transparency.
  3. Product data, including availability, pricing, tax, and shipping information, should be regularly reviewed and updated to maintain accuracy.
  4. Product data specifications should comply with local and international regulations and standards regarding pricing, taxation, and shipping disclosures.
  5. Full transparency regarding any additional conditions impacting total costs (membership fees, contractual pricing, etc.) should be clearly communicated in the product descriptions or pricing details.
  6. All terms, shipping information, and the return and refund policy will be presented in clear, easily understandable English.
  7. All information presented about the business, products, or services will be truthful, accurate, and transparent.
  8. Any claims or representations will not be misleading or deceptive in nature.
  9. The business will only promote and provide products or services that it has the qualifications and capacity to deliver.
  10. Users will not be misled into making transactions with a fictitious business or entity lacking credibility.
  11. Misleading or deceptive information in ads for computer parts/products is strictly forbidden. Transparent and honest communication is integral to our platform.


  1. All prices are displayed in Currency: USD (United States Dollar).
  2. Please be advised that the final total amount payable for a purchase may vary due to additional charges such as shipping fees, taxes, or any other relevant expenses. These supplementary costs could influence the overall amount beyond the displayed product price.
  3. The displayed prices are in USD and serve as a reference for our US-based customers.
  4. For customers making transactions in other currencies, please note that the final charged amount might slightly differ due to currency conversion and associated charges imposed by financial institutions.


  1. Availability status for each product should be clearly indicated as “In Stock” or “Out of Stock” to provide accurate information to customers.
  2. Regular updates must be made to reflect real-time stock status to avoid misleading customers.
  3. Customers should have a clear understanding of the total cost, including taxes and shipping fees, before finalizing their purchase at the checkout page.
  4. Product data, including availability, pricing, tax, and shipping information, should be regularly reviewed and updated to maintain accuracy.
  5. Customers should be promptly informed of any changes in product availability, pricing, or shipping details.

Regular Review And Adherence:

  1. Regular audits should be conducted to ensure compliance with these product data specifications, and any discrepancies or inaccuracies should be promptly rectified.
  2. All product data specifications must align with the overall business policy on transparency, accuracy, and customer trust.
  3. Regular review and updates to the terms, shipping details, and return/refund policy will be conducted to ensure accuracy and compliance with evolving standards and regulations.
  4. Periodic reviews will be conducted to ensure that all promotional materials, including product availability and deals, are current and accurate.
  5. Any changes in product availability or deal status will be promptly reflected in the content.
  6. Regular internal audits and reviews will be conducted to ensure compliance with this policy and to prevent any misleading or deceptive practices.
  7. Information from various sources, including promotions, websites, and third-party sources, will be reviewed to maintain trustworthiness.
  8. Regular reviews and updates will be conducted to ensure ongoing compliance with this policy and to maintain customer trust.
  9. Continuous improvement will be sought in alignment with evolving best practices in building customer trust.

Return And Refund Policy:

  1. A concise, easily discoverable, and prominently displayed return and refund policy will be available to customers.
  2. The policy will outline the procedure for returns, conditions for refunds, including timelines, eligibility criteria, and any associated fees or restocking charges.

Non-Engagement In Charitable Or Political Activities Policy:

  1. At CTS POINT, INC, our commitment to non-engagement in charitable or political activities is paramount.
  2. We strictly refrain from participating in any form of charitable endeavors or political campaigns, endorsements, or contributions.
  3. Our focus remains solely on delivering quality products to our customers without soliciting or accepting donations for charitable causes.
  4. We ensure that all promotional content and communication strictly revolve around our offered products, maintaining clarity and accuracy in representation.
  5. Our compliance with legal requirements and dedication to core business operations reflect our commitment to transparency and customer-centric practices.
  6. Additionally, we reassure our customers that they will not be solicited for donations or exposed to any content related to charitable or political activities through our platform.

Policy On Accurate Product And Deal Promotion:

  1. Promotions for products or deals will accurately reflect the current stock availability.
  2. Products promoted through any means will be stocked and available for purchase on the platform.
  3. Promotional deals or offers will only be advertised if they are active and valid at the time of promotion.
  4. Any time-sensitive deals will be clearly marked with their expiration dates to inform customers about their validity.
  5. Call-to-action prompts in promotions will lead customers to specific landing pages where the advertised products or deals are easily discoverable and accessible.
  6. Product data specifications related to availability and price will be strictly followed while creating and promoting deals or products.
  7. Accurate and up-to-date information regarding product availability and pricing will be maintained to align with promotional content.
  8. Periodic reviews will be conducted to ensure that all promotional materials, including product availability and deals, are current and accurate.
  9. Any changes in product availability or deal status will be promptly reflected in the promotional content.
  10. Any limitations or conditions related to promotions, such as stock limitations or deal terms, will be clearly communicated to customers to avoid misleading expectations.
  11. The landing pages linked through promotions will accurately reflect the advertised products or deals, ensuring a seamless experience for customers.
  12. All promotional materials, including product descriptions, claims, and endorsements, will be factually accurate and free from misleading statements or exaggerations.
  13. Claims about the company’s identity, qualifications, or products will be genuine and substantiated by accurate information.
  14. No false certification claims or misrepresentation of affiliations with other entities will be made.
  15. Products will not be promoted with false health-related claims, unrealistic outcomes, or miracle cures for medical conditions.
  16. Claims made about products will align with scientifically proven facts and not contradict authoritative consensus on health or scientific matters.
  17. Promotion will not imply false endorsements by individuals, organizations, or entities that are not officially associated with our company or products.
  18. Any use of brand names or references will be accurate and relevant to the promoted product or service.
  19. Official government sites, stamps, seals, or agency names will not be misleadingly used or mimicked in promotions.
  20. No content will promote false or harmful health claims, especially those related to major health crises like COVID-19, AIDS, or vaccination.
  21. Content related to sensitive topics like health, politics, or climate change will adhere to authoritative scientific consensus and avoid contradictory or false claims.
  22. Claims or information that could significantly undermine trust in democratic processes or contradict established facts will not be promoted.

Genuine Identity And Information:

  1. The business identity, including brand names, contact information, and business details, will be accurately represented without misrepresentation or false claims.
  2. No impersonation of brands, businesses, or misleading alterations to brand content will be made.
  3. Official Business Name: “CTS POINT, INC” We will ensure consistency in using our registered business name across all platforms and domains.
  4. About Us Page: A comprehensive “About Us” section will be available on our website, sharing our story and enhancing authenticity.
  5. Social Media Presence: Customers will be informed about and encouraged to follow our social media profiles, linked from our website.

Ethical Business Transactions:

  1. Users will not be enticed to part with money or personal information through false pretenses, fictitious businesses, or misleading advertisements.
  2. No products typically available for free will be charged for without appropriate disclosure.

Protection Against Phishing:

  1. Measures will be taken to ensure that the website or platform does not engage in phishing activities to gather user information.
  2. There will be no deceptive or misleading practices aimed at tricking users into revealing personal or sensitive information.

Genuine Offers And Services:

  1. The business will only promote and provide products or services that it has the qualifications and capacity to deliver.
  2. Users will not be misled into making transactions with a fictitious business or entity lacking credibility.

Zero Tolerance For Deception:

  1. The business will not engage in any practices aimed at deceiving or misleading users, and immediate action will be taken to rectify any instances found in violation of this policy.


  1. Detailed policies regarding shipping, returns, and privacy will be provided, ensuring transparency about our operations.
  2. We will be transparent about our business model and operational practices.

Online Reputation:

  1. Product Usage Information: Information on product usage and customer testimonials will be shared to assist potential customers in understanding our products.
  2. Recognition and Badges: Any official badges or seals of approval received from third-party sources will be prominently displayed and acknowledged.
  3. Customer Interaction: Clear communication channels will be provided for customers to interact with us, ensuring accessibility and transparency in customer support.
  4. Publicity Awareness: Mentions in blog posts or articles will be communicated to customers, enhancing our credibility.

Professional Design:

  1. Secure Website: Installation of an SSL certificate will be prioritized to ensure secure data transmission and storage for our customers.
  2. User-Friendly Website: Our website will be easily accessible, navigable, and free from unnecessary redirects or broken links.
  3. Content Completeness: Avoidance of placeholders for text or images will ensure our website appears complete and trustworthy.

Shopping Policy:

  1. At CTS POINT, INC, we strive to offer a trustworthy and secure shopping experience for all our customers.
  2. We have established clear guidelines to ensure the quality, legality, and integrity of products and services available through our platform.
  3. Our policies are designed to maintain high standards and create a safe environment for all users.
  4. We strictly prohibit the sale or promotion of counterfeit computer parts or products. All items showcased on our platform are genuine, ensuring authenticity and adherence to trademark regulations.
  5. Our platform does not endorse or facilitate the promotion of items that can cause harm or enable illegal activities. We uphold strict standards against promoting products that may compromise safety or violate legal regulations.
  6. We do not support products designed to facilitate illegal or dishonest behavior. Our commitment to transparency and integrity ensures that all products promoted on our platform align with ethical and legal standards.
  7. We provide accurate and detailed information about our computer parts/products. Our commitment to honesty means we do not mislead our customers through false or misleading representations.


  1. Our platform strictly prohibits the promotion of adult content, alcoholic beverages, or gambling-related products/services. We focus solely on computer parts/products that meet our quality and ethical guidelines.
  2. Unauthorized promotion of copyrighted material is not permitted on our platform. We respect intellectual property rights and require proper authorization for any copyrighted content.
  3. Our advertisements maintain high editorial and professional standards, offering clear, accurate, and relevant information about computer parts/products.
  4. We hold ourselves accountable to comply with local laws, regulations, and Google’s Shopping Ads policies. Our commitment to upholding these standards ensures a safe and reliable shopping experience for all our customers.

Promotions/Gift Certificate Policy/Coupon Code:

  1. At CTS POINT, INC, we take pride in offering promotions that enhance your shopping experience. We want to ensure clarity and value in every deal we offer. Our promotions policy is designed to maintain high standards and transparency while providing you with great savings.
  2. Every promotion aims to bring you real savings or additional benefits beyond regular purchases.
  3. We don’t offer trade-in deals, mail-in rebates, free products, sweepstakes, or discounts that might mislead.
  4. Our promotions adhere to Google’s policies and have clear, accurate titles.
  5. Redeeming our promotions won’t involve hidden fees or extra requirements.
  6. We avoid promotions that are exclusive or overly restrictive to certain groups or payment methods.
  7. Promotions are always specific about which products or services are eligible.
  8. Bundled promotions clearly state all items included.
  9. You’ll see the benefits of our promotions at checkout, not before, ensuring transparency and fairness.
  10. The gift certificate issued by CTS POINT, INC is valid for a specified duration and is applicable exclusively for specific products or services delineated upon purchase.
  11. This certificate holds no cash value, is non-transferable, and non-refundable. It is intended for a single use, and any residual balance post-utilization will not be reimbursed.
  12. It cannot be combined with other ongoing promotions or discounts and may have usage restrictions during peak periods. To redeem, the original certificate must be presented, and CTS POINT, INC reserves the right to reject certificates that seem tampered with, duplicated, or damaged. Lost or stolen certificates are not the responsibility of the company.

Local Inventory:

  1. We want to inform our customers that we do not participate in local inventory ads services. Our store does not offer local pickup facilities.
  2. Due to our store’s policy, certain Shopping ads policies, such as online payment requirements and shipping details, do not apply as we don’t support local pickups.
  3. We do not facilitate local pickups at our physical store for any products listed on our website.
  4. Membership-based purchase requirements are not applicable at our store.
  5. All fees associated with products are transparently displayed in their total prices on our website checkout page.
  6. We prioritize customer privacy. Our policies ensure that no personally identifiable information (PII) is collected or shared in relation to our local inventory ads, providing a secure shopping experience.

Payment Policy:

  1. Payment for purchases made on CTS POINT, INC is processed immediately upon order placement. We accept various secure payment methods, including major credit/debit cards. All payments are charged in USD (United States Dollar).

Billing Policy:

  1. Billing details provided during checkout must be accurate and up-to-date to ensure successful transactions. Invoices are generated upon order confirmation and include product details, pricing, and any applicable taxes or fees.

Product Condition:

  1. Products listed on CTS POINT, INC are categorized and described based on their condition (new, refurbished, or used), with details provided in each product listing. Customers should review these condition descriptions before making a purchase.

Invoice Policy:

  1. Invoices are automatically generated upon successful order placement and are sent to the provided email address. They include a detailed breakdown of the purchase, payment method, and billing information. Customers can access their invoices from their account dashboard.

Order Confirmations:

  1. Upon placing an order, customers receive an order confirmation email containing details such as the order number, purchased items, total amount, billing, and shipping information. It serves as a receipt and reference for the order.

Privacy Policy:

  1. Protecting your privacy is a top priority at CTS POINT, INC. Our Privacy Policy outlines how we collect, use, and safeguard your personal information when you interact with our platform. We encourage you to review this policy to understand our practices regarding your data.

Billing Disputes:

  1. In the event of a billing discrepancy or dispute, customers are encouraged to contact our customer care team immediately. Please provide the order number and relevant information to facilitate prompt resolution. We aim to address and resolve billing disputes efficiently and fairly.

Contact Information:

Phone: +1 (209) 288 0443


Hours of Operations: Monday to Friday 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM Pacific Standard Time.