Intel [S2600CW2SR] C612 Chipset Socket LGA 2011-3 Server Motherboard






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Key Features:
C612 Chipset: The Intel S2600CW2SR is built around the C612 chipset, providing advanced features for server applications, such as support for high-performance processors and memory.
Socket LGA 2011-3: This motherboard features the LGA 2011-3 socket, which is compatible with a wide range of Intel Xeon processors, offering powerful processing capabilities.
Scalability: Designed for scalability, this motherboard is suitable for businesses and data centers, offering the flexibility to expand and meet growing computing needs.
Multiple Expansion Slots: It includes multiple PCIe expansion slots to accommodate additional hardware, such as network cards, storage controllers, and GPUs.
Integrated Management: The motherboard may include integrated management features for remote monitoring and administration of the server, contributing to efficient system management.


High-Performance Computing: With support for LGA 2011-3 processors, this motherboard delivers high-performance computing for demanding server workloads.
Scalable Infrastructure: The motherboard’s scalability allows you to adapt to changing business requirements, making it a cost-effective choice for long-term server solutions.
Versatile Expansion: Multiple expansion slots offer the versatility to customize your server with a variety of hardware components, enhancing its functionality.
Reliable Server Management: Integrated management capabilities improve server administration, contributing to efficient monitoring and maintenance.

The Intel S2600CW2SR server motherboard is a versatile and powerful foundation for building reliable and scalable server systems, making it an excellent choice for businesses, data centers, and other enterprise environments. It’s designed to support high-performance processors and provide robust server management capabilities.

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